Welcome to Dante's droplet!

You can think of a droplet as a web server; this web server was built on Digital Ocean. There are a number of benefits associated with us having our own web server, including: the automation of scripts, saving space on local machines, maintaing consistent R packages, the ability to host various web applications, building password-protected applications, and building one's own server to host things is often cheaper than using someeone else's server.

TL;DR: This web server will have the capacity to host several web applications, as well as other scripts that can run on an automated basis.

For our current Fenceline Monitoring dashboard (now on this server!) please refer to the dashboard.

For a demo of a password-protected Community Monitoring Dashboard, please refer to the demo (note that you'll need credentials).

For the password-protected Oil and Gas Watch data entry form, please refer to the form.

To access the RStudio Server (this has very limited access, as currently, best practice is to write the script locally and then populate Github), please refer to R Studio Server.

To view the Shiny Server landing page (note that I could remove the page or use nginx to redirect from that link, or edit it to just be a place that houses links/cards to all of our apps), please refer to our Shiny Server.

While this droplet currently hosts a few applications, it only costs $12 a month (and is currently on a free trial plan through 7/24/2024). It's one of the weakest droplet configurations they offer, as I was just testing this out.